Disrupting Real Estate Investing

    We’ve all heard it before, “Owning a home 🏡 can be the single best investment 💰 we can make in our lifetime." And yet despite the thousands of real estate investing books 📚, seminars, and tools 🔧 available to us... we still don’t take the plunge and invest in real estate.

  • Why?

    Because investing in real estate can feel intimidating. The realization of all the money, time and knowledge it takes to be successful at real estate investing can leave you feeling like you’re up a creek without a paddle.

    And without at least one of these paddles you're not going anywhere.

    If you don’t know why you’re spinning your wheels thinking about real estate investing, stressing out about the time commitment, or feeling helpless with your lack of financial backing—don’t worry. Having the desire to become a successful investor, and following along with Startup Properties will get you there.

    Are you ready to achieve financial freedom, spend more time with your loved ones and achieve your life goals?

    Good! You’ve found the right place.

  • Leverage Our Experience.

    We are a community of certified millennial real estate investors with years of investing experience under our belt. We come from both real estate and technology focused backgrounds which gives us a unique vantage point. We want to help other people lead better lives through real estate investing by sharing the lessons we’ve learned from investing on our own.

    Discover New Opportunities

    We’ll help you to understand the lay of the real estate land while looking at what actually works for other investors, where these opportunities exist in today market, and how you can capitalize on these opportunities to become your own Donald Trump 😬... or Barbara Corcoran or whoever your favorite real estate investor might be.

    Identify Innovative Tactics

    Moving forward means change, which calls for kicking the old tires of the real estate industry and identifying areas where implementing creative strategies can create an advantage. Our goal is to provide others with creative real estate investment strategies through the use of technology platforms, new market opportunities, and innovative processes.

  • Are you ready to…

    • Finally get off your ass and start investing in real estate?
    • Stop dreaming about all the wealth you could build with real estate and actually build it?
    • Become financially wealthy and be able to spend more time doing the things you want to do?
    • Discover more creative ways to invest in real estate with less time, money and even knowledge?
    • Identify opportunities in the market through technology and execute on them? 
    • Utilize technology and innovative strategies to improve your real estate investing game?
    • Build a diversified real estate portfolio with less effort?
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