I'm Jared Cauffield and I’m here to help you build wealth through disruptive real estate investing.

  • From building passive income to achieving financial freedom, it's all about making your dreams a reality through innovative real estate investing. Good news for you, I am here to be your Mr. Miagi and help you identify those types of real estate investment strategies. Wax On!

    If you are like most people, I know there is a nagging little voice in your head saying, “I would love to invest in real estate. But how do I do it? Where do I start? Can I afford to invest? Do I have enough time to commit to it?”

    These thoughts can paralyze you and prevent you from your dreams, leaving you stuck in your own real estate investing purgatory. Yikes!

    But through an innovative approach to real estate investing, I’ve learned how to turn that hesitation into happiness.

    I’ve been investing in real estate since 2008, when I house hacked my way to my first investment property. Since that first deal, I have done dozens of real estate investments, from campus rentals to real estate crowdfunding, all while identifying process efficiencies and implementing creative strategies. I get frustrated by the old school mentality of the real estate industry; the over-priced sleazy seminars, limited access to finance, and a lack of technology made for investors. And it’s this belief that forms the foundation of Startup Property. I’m on a mission to find the best ways to invest in real estate through innovation and I want to take you along with me.

    I’m well on my journey in real estate investing, and yet beyond past accomplishments, I still believe I have much to learn. I will never stop educating myself, and what better way to quench my thirst for knowledge then by sharing my hard earned lessons in an effort to help others build financial freedom. From buying my first property with no money or idea what I am doing, to building wealth with innovative investment strategies with little money down — I know how to get creative and persevere in real estate investing.

    When I graduated college after years of racking up student debt and only a low-level entry job to show for it, I realized that it was gonna take me decades before I would reach financial freedom. This was a huge wake-up call for me. It hit me—square in my clown face like a whip cream pie — if I don't create my own path I'll be stuck with the one handed to me. So I choose to make the best of the current economic situation and find the opportunities available to me.

    I took a risk and bought a house. At the time this seemed the best way to accumulate wealth; real estate was heavily discounted across the country, interest rates were at an all-time low and Obama was handing out money to first-time homeowners. I borrowed money from my parents, fixed the property up and rented one side out to tenants and my extra bedrooms to my college friends. While I was still making a low entry level salary at my job compared to some of my friends I was able to eliminate most people's biggest monthly expense, rent, and put a few extra hundred bucks in my pocket each month. It was this accomplishment that I found I could hang my hat on.

    I soon realized the opportunity to build wealth through real estate and expanded my holdings. Over the next 8 years, I took on investors, bought and sold more properties and refined my investing strategies. Along the way, I always used technology and others experiences to help me gain advantages in the real estate investing market. This is why I believe I can help others creatively invest in real estate—because I’ve been there myself—and so I can share what I learn from my and other investors personal experiences.

    I believe that I can create my own path through transparent and innovative real estate investing. And you can too. This way of thinking has changed my life and I want to help it change yours.

    The bottom line is that you too can change your life for the better through real estate investing. All you need is a strong creative strategy and the right amount of determination to obtain your goals.

    So, take action and join our newsletter. Let’s do it!

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