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Stories of disruptive real estate investors, as told by the disruptors themselves

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Ryan George is a Real Estate Disruptor, this is his story

This is week two in our blog series, “Stories: Disruptive Real Estate Investors, Tell All”. At Startup Property, we believe that real estate investors of all levels of experience should be sharing their ‘trials and triumphs’ with the rest of the real estate investing world. How else can you learn and grow? This week, we will hear from Ryan George

First of all, let’s get to know each other a little bit better. Tell us about yourself, Ryan:

My name is Ryan George, I grew up in a suburb of Kansas City, Kansas. I was raised with the mindset that getting a reliable job with good benefits was the key to a comfortable life. I began getting into a lot of trouble around 13 and was in the juvenile system basically non-stop from 14-18. I was the classic example of wasted potential: involved with drugs, alcohol, the wrong crowd, stealing, fighting, skipping school, etc. I battled an alcohol addiction but was very functional up until I was 27 when I hit my bottom and began my road to sobriety. I have been sober for four years and that process slowly led me into the world of realizing there’s more to life than going to work and going home to sleep.

What are you focusing on in Real Estate (wholesaling, flip & fix, investing?) How long have you been involved?

I am currently focusing on wholesaling. I started with no extra money and found my first deal on craigslist. I have been doing it for a year. My profits totaled $72k last year. Most of those were split with a partner. My business is called TRG Homes LLC. Additionally, I work in the evening from 3PM to 11PM at the railroad. I handle my wholesaling business from 8AM-2PM during the day. It's very possible to do this while working full time plus overtime shifts!

That’s awesome, thanks for sharing all of that, Ryan. Now, let’s get down to business:

How did you get into real estate investing? Why?

I got into real estate because I had a realization that I was capable of more in life. I read some books, Rich Dad Poor Dad being one of them. I had an old friend who had been wholesaling for years was doing great (financially). He gave me info to read and listen to over about a month and said if I'm interested he will help me and split deals with me.

Tell me about your most successful investment.

My most successful deal was one in a neighborhood called Ruskin Heights in Kansas City, Missouri. The seller asked for $15k and in 2 days had a contract with a buyer for $29k. Honestly, my most satisfying one was the first solo deal I did, even though it only made $2k.

What is the most creative investment strategy you have used when investing in real estate?

My most creative deal was when we wholesaled a terms deal. My partner James made it happen. I just found the deal on craigslist.

What are you currently working on?

Currently I am closing a deal for $5k and I have a direct mail campaign dropping tomorrow with almost 6,000 postcards. I am looking to do that amount consistently every two weeks and expand on that in a few months.

Do you have any tips or key pieces of knowledge you would like to share?

As far as tips, I would say to latch onto a coach or mentor quickly! Ask a lot of questions if you are unsure. Also, just take action. Learn as you go; I’ve blown some deals but I always learn and keep going. With a good mentor, fearless action, and maximum effort you can become very successful.

If you could give one piece of advice in relation to real estate investing what would it be?

Build great relationships, and don't be greedy. Listen and do not think you know it all, no matter how long you have been doing it. Also, be relentless when going for your first deal. My first deal took me three months of scrounging craigslist, but it felt like a million dollars! Finally, invest your money back into your business, and don't ever give up.

What technology are you using to help you in real estate investing?

Podio is a lifesaver when it comes to keeping everything together. My mentor set me up when I started. I am horrible with computers and being organized, and Podio makes things easy

What about real estate investing interests you the most?

What interests me the most about real estate is how many different ways there are to make money with it. It’s way more than what you see on TV. When I explain wholesaling to my coworkers or friends they all think I'm lying, until I show them checks! Lol

Who do you follow? Who are your influencers within the industry?

Sean Terry and Tom Krol have been my favorite guys online and on podcasts to follow. As well as everything on biggerpockets podcast. There are a lot of others. My mentor James Dunwoody has been unbelievable throughout this process.

What is one way you would improve the real estate investing industry?

If I was going to improve the real estate industry, I’d say no flakes or phonies allowed. Lol That's impossible though. I'd just keep having fun while doing it.

Thanks for talking with us, Ryan! Care to plug any social media accounts or projects?

My social media presence is something I am working on. I have a snapchat which is rgeo1984. I also have an instagram which is only about a month old and that is @rg_does_re.
As far as projects go, I’m looking to expand into rentals and fix & flips next year. On top of real estate I am mapping out a plan to do some business consulting and coaching as well as public speaking to share my story. There is much more but, I don’t want to go overwhelm you with everything.

Thanks for sharing with us Ryan, and thanks for reading, everyone!

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Until next time, stay disruptive!
-Startup Property

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