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Stories of disruptive real estate investors, as told by the disruptors themselves

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Glaud Property is a Real Estate Disruptor, this is their story

We LOVE ❤️ hearing from investors out there, disrupting the world of real estate. This week our "Stories" blog will feature Glaud Property. On to their Story!

First and Foremost, please introduce yourself:

My name is Ka'lial Glaud and I am involved in real estate by way of investing. I buy homes at low prices, fix them up, and rent them out.

Believe it or not I haven't been involved in the real estate industry for long. I started in 2016 and have 9 units!

How did you get into real estate investing and why?

I got into real estate investing (after reading about it for a long time) in 2016 when I was 25 years old.

I wanted to set up a way to ensure security for my family and their future. I think I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit and I think real estate investing for me is one of the best ways to put my entrepreneurial skills and money to work!

Tell us about your first real estate investing deal:

My first deal was a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom with a loft.

The asking price was $30,000 and I purchased it for $25,000 (which, looking back, I think I paid too much money for it, but hey it was my first deal and I was new to real estate investing).


My most successful investment was a 3 bedroom 1.5 bathroom which I purchased for $22,000.

I put about $9,000 of work into it and my tenant pays $1,250 per month currently.

Watching and reading about real estate moguls and their stories of financial freedom is what truly inspired me.

After crunching the numbers and figuring out what worked best and what didn't, I thought to myself: "wow what a smart (I won't say easy, because it's not easy all the time) way to make my money make even more money!"

We want to learn more about you story. Tell us more:

What is your current strategy and what are you currently working on?

My current strategy now is primarily looking for multi family homes.

Previously, I brought single family homes for a low price, fixed them up and rented them out.

However, now I'm more focused on duplexes and multiplexes. It's sort of like killing two births with one stone.

What is your favorite creative investment strategy you have heard of when it comes to investing in real estate?

A unique way I have seen to invest in real estate is to use the BRRR method (Buy, Renovate, Rent, and then Cash Out Refinance). It's a 4 step process.

Due to stipulations by the bank, it is imperative that your run your numbers to ensure that after you cash-out refinance your property will still cash flow the way that you want it to.

What technology 📱 are you using to help you in real estate investing?

I am currently using Deal Check. Deal Check is an app that you can download on your mobile device that allows you to quickly analyze deals and creative professional PDFs on the go. It's an amazing app and all investors should definitely use it.

We want to hear some of Your Advice...

  • Do your due diligence! 
  • Fall in love with the numbers, not the property
  • Build a strong and reliable team, after all, they are the core of your success
  • Understand when it's smarter to do the work yourself versus contracting it out

What is your favorite real estate investing book?


The Millionaire Booklet by Grant Cardone. It's a fast and simple read. The booklet is only about 50 pages but it's JAM PACKED with a lot of useful knowledge.

Tell us where we can learn more about you.

We are on Instagram: @GlaudProperty

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Until next time, stay disruptive!

- Startup Property


This blog post is strictly an interview with Glaud Properties, and we have no professional affiliate with them. While we encourage our readers to learn from fellow members in our community, please know that Startup Property is not responsible for any personal or professional purchases or business transactions that happen between yourself and the interviewee of this blog post.

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