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REAL ESTATE DISRUPTORS: Emma and Kevin's Story

Stories of disruptive real estate investors, as told by the disruptors themselves

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EK Properties are Real Estate Disruptors, this is their story

This week in our “Stories”, we will hear from Emma and Kevin, at EK Properties and under-30 married couple disrupting the world of real estate investment. Let’s hear more about their story into the world of real estate investing, shall we?

First of all, let's meet this week's interviewees, Emma and Kevin

Hi, we are Emma and Kevin and consider ourselves beginner investors. We both have day jobs, so this is a passion we explore beyond that. We got started about 3 years and our model is really to buy properties that we can rent to generate a positive cash flow.

How did you get into real estate investing? Why?

We should start by saying we definitely are just getting started in our real estate investments. We have both always been interested in Real Estate and decided to get started together. Being a couple on the younger side (under 30) people are often surprised we're investing in property.

Tell me about your most successful investment.

Our main strategy is buy and hold to rent. We consider the properties where we're having cash flow to be good investments. Our most successful investment is a side by side that was a foreclosure. We completely renovated and still can't believe the rent we get now against a very small mortgage.

What is the most creative investment strategy you have used when investing in real estate?

We often move into the houses for a year to get the best interest rate and lowest down payment. People think we're crazy because we move so much.

What are you currently working on?

After working exclusively on multi family properties, we're currently working on a new build single family where we plan to live for a while.

Do you have any tips or key pieces of knowledge you would like to share?

Being a landlord isn't as scary as you might think, if we can do it then anyone can.

If you could give one piece of advice in relation to real estate investing what would it be?

Research, research, research. Interest rates, investing rules- you can't have too much information on what you want to do.

What technology are you using to help you in real estate investing? - background/credit checks on tenants.

Who do you follow? Who are your influencers within the industry?

Here are some of our influencers:

Our favorite is probably Bigger Pockets (podcast, website, Instagram)

Rich Dad Poor Dad (book)

Planet Money (podcast)

Mike Mita Team Remax



What is one way you would improve the real estate investing industry?

Making it more accessible for investors to get loans, not everyone has cash at first but could get there.

Thanks for talking with us, Emma and Kevin! Care to plug any social media accounts or projects?

Currently, we're on instagram. Follow us @ek_properties!

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Until next time, stay disruptive!
-Startup Property


This blog post is strictly an interview with EK Properties, and we have no professional affiliate with them. While we encourage our readers to learn from fellow members in our community, please know that Startup Property is not responsible for any personal or professional purchases or business transactions that happen between yourself and the interviewee of this blog post.

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