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    We help others build wealth through creative investing strategies.

  • Welcome to Property Startup


    Startup Property is an online community for the new age real estate investor to share their stories, strategies, and tips. We’ve created a transparent community that will allow like-minded and aspiring investors a chance to learn from others experiences. Through the stories of our communities actual real estate investments, we identify creative strategies, new market opportunities, innovative processes and technology that will help you reach your financial goals.


    Our goal is to inspire the next generation of real estate investors through real life examples and actionable strategies!

  • The Time for Change is Now!


    Real estate investing has been around since civilizations began building homes. Maybe because of its ubiquity, or maybe just because of the people that have come before us in the industry, but the real estate investment industry still lags in innovation, creativity, and accessibility. The old school mentality still reigns supreme. However, it’s time for a change. And while the fundamentals have been the same forever, the approach to success is in need of an overhaul. With the advancement in technology and the shift in generational perception, the opportunity for change is fast approaching.

  • Our Goal.


    Startup Property’s goal is to provide a new take on real estate investing. We aim to provide a network that highlights unique investment strategies, identifies cutting-edge technology and unites a community through sharing transparent investment experiences. We strive to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and resources that you need to become successful in this incredibly lucrative industry.

  • Why?


    Because traditional methods of investing can call for lots of time, money and personal knowledge.


    With these strategies, you’re not gonna get very far, very fast in today's markets.


    If your head starts spinning when hearing the word. "rental pro forma", or your palms start to sweat when you think about all the upfront capital you need, or you just don't have the time to fix a tenant's toilet—don’t worry. Having a desire to learn, and subscribing to Startup Property will help you get into real estate investing and remove those barriers.


    Are you ready to reach new financial heights, secure your freedom and break into real estate investing?


    Good! You’re in the right place.

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